What do you do when you have a group of incredibly talented friends, and all of you have an important story to tell? You start a band.... baby. Hailing from incredibly diverse corners, the members of The River Band all share the desire to enlighten, to entertain, to tell a story, to give a voice to the people in the back of the room. The band was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 2012, and its limbs have evolved and expanded dramatically since. Now, it has grown to be a greater force than the sum of its parts. It tells a personal, and also collective story... and when provoked.. provides a marvelous party for the animal. More directly, The River Bands self-titled debut album deals with the highs and lows of the disease of our generation; depression. How you fall, get up, confront, get over and celebrate all the crests and valleys you might be faced with. The River Band have created a musical home for all, and its door is wide open.



Start with a born and raised canal-kid right where the Kalahari, the Richtersveld, the Bushmanland and Namaqualand meet;
Add to this a voice that is sure to make you quiver, an ear for music no mortal should possess, a pair of aviators, and you have Jandré Spangenberg.

Jandré did not have much musical influence to speak of... aside from the church organist... and learning to "hit the drums" on his moms tupperware only taught him that his mom is a better "hitter"...
Ever proud of his upbringing and his hometown, he draws most of his inspiration for writing and composing from the area, and the unique people that make a living there. You'll find him front stage center, counting in the tempo, cranking up the band, and sharing the stories. 




The bearer of the beat. The commander who reigns from his throne, conveniently placed in the best seat in the house. Rear-center-stage, you will find Jeanré Leo. Hailing from Graaff-Reinett in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, this small town marvel have drummed with the who's who in studio, and shared some of the largest stages with incredibly diverse and talented artists. Aside from being as solid as a medieval fort on the drums (and his fabulous hair), he is also an incredible singer! His drums and vocals grace every track, while he keeps all the rhythmic instruments in the band in check with impeccable timing, and a hypnotic groove! In Jay's words: "When I groove, you move"!



Legend has it that JP "Meerkat" le Roux, born and bred in Cape Town, was raised on a steady diet of 10-46 Gauge guitar strings, and slept in guitar amp speaker cabinet in his formative years. The result of such an up-bringing can only be described as a force of precision-distorted-magnificence. Planted stage left, his impeccable guitar tone fills any available space, reaches all the lows, and soaring highs. If that was not enough, he is also a killer vocalist, bassist, drummer and producer. He performs with many bands and artists and have already assembled a large repertoire of recorded albums which goes a short way in showing what this man is capable of. 




The foundation shaking CJ Duckitt, always found with a very-large instrument hanging from his shoulders, can be easily spotted on stage left. His sound, however, is easily detected by richterscales everywhere. The hair, the groove, the low-end, the attitude, and the multi-instrumental ability of the bassist-extraordinaire have blessed many a production and performance. CJs playing brings with it a power to The River Bands music, that otherwise could be mistaken for a force of nature. Melodic beauty, low-end thunder and a groove that makes you feel things never thought possible.



The breathtakingly beautiful rose among the thorns, Lindi is a native Cape Town Vocalist. With lungs the size of a small country, vocal power like a nuclear reactor, and a timbre and tone as smooth and pleasant as a baby's dreams, Lindi brings the pristine vocals in abundance... and boy, is she something to look at! Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, vocal coach, motivational speaker, and a great source of inspiration for everyone in the band and beyond, Lindi has a presence that demands your attention, and will not let you go until she sees fit. 




The melodic-man with 88 fingers made of musical lighting, Carlo de Villiers can be found manning his battle-station stage right. Carlo, the incredibly capable multi-intstrumentalist and all-round nice guy makes the keyboards dance to his will. A successful producer in his own right, his talents have beautified and built many stage and studio productions, and being the youngest member in the band, one can only imagine what is to come. He brings a matured soul to the music that far exceeds his years on earth, and unleashes a Hammond-powered fury the likes of which are to be envied, respected and enjoyed!


Our resident multi-instrumentalist, ray of musical sunshine! Her business is fun, and happiness is her currency! She can physically rock a piano though!

Piano, Keyboards, Violin

Done Janse van Rensburg

This genius, (and we mean prodigy) makes sure that everything looks good, works good, feels good and performs good... Always. 

Stage, Lighting Designer

Daniel Vorster

The man with the bionic ears. No frequency escapes his lobes, and perfection is still not good enough for the best, most humble musician we know!

Chief Sound Engineer

Justin Maree

Goosebumps, lump-in-your-throat, soul-quaking... just some short descriptions of what this force of musical nature can bring you.

Sax, Pennywhistle, Backing Vocals, Perc

Morgan King

A successful solo artist in his own right, this guy can only be described as Jimmy Page of the Violin world. Presence, beauty, and rock and roll...


Hezron Chetty

She has her own band. She has her own following. She is jaw-droppingly amazing on vocals and guitars. And we all think she is too good for us. Literally.

Guitars, Backing Vocals

Luzelle Avenant

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