Review by Tony Ridgway



What a breath of fresh air!

The River Band


In this age of disposable pop music; contrived middle-of-the-road subsidiary “muzak” and transitory bogus pop-py-cock, some lights DO shine through.

Like moonlight on murky water. 

Like a singular boat on a wide river of darkness;

beacon flickering its way home.

Let’s call this boat, light a-shining, The River Band.

The murky water is the music business, under which all this

age’s music (“muzak”) sinks.


Here comes The River Band.


Home is where everyone’s journey starts off from, en route to

wherever you dream to be, or dare to go.

Most on the water follow others; so-called skippers who sail

only safe, repetitive, chartered, charted waters. 

The River Band go North.

Not afraid to cross currents, the crew incite exploration – like true rock-and-rollers. They rock with the river, they roll with the tide. And the tide is in.

Their tide is in.


Parallels will be drawn, some critics may rave, some rape. Deaf ears will

remain deaf, open ears MIGHT hear. Should hear.


I believe there are cumbrous, substantial stories behind each of the nine songs on the debut album by The River Band. I only get about half of it. But I will keep listening to this album... every other day... and I will learn... a little more, with each listen... to what this awesome shit is all about.


Before I sign off; there’s one song that has been haunting my brain for two weeks now. It’s somewhere on this album. It deserves to be heard... by MANY.


Sail on The River Band.

Sail on by.

Your time has come.


Tony Ridgway 

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